Breast Thermogram Experience

After you schedule your appointment, you will need to follow *simple protocols 4 hours (and some 24 hours) prior to the imaging to cool your body. Upon arrival, your body will be further cooled for 15 minutes in a temperature-controlled (68 degrees Fahrenheit) Thermography Room.  *All protocols follow the standards of the American Academy of Thermology.


You will stand on the positioning rug with your hands behind your head (disrobed from the waist up) while Gaye takes 5 thermal images of your breasts with her State-of-the-Art Digital Camera. Images will be sent through ShareFile (a secure Internet site) to the evaluating doctor who will prepare a detailed Report & Risk Assessment which will be sent to you through ShareFile in 2-3 weeks.

You will then schedule a follow-up appointment with Gaye to discuss the Report and Risk Assessment and ways to help you improve and maintain good breast health. Once you have established your thermal “breastprint” (unique to your body, like a fingerprint), you can then monitor your “breastprint” for stability and/or changes, allowing you to make improvements in your breast health and overall health to reduce your risk of disease.


What is a Breastprint?
Temperature data after two thermograms creates a Baseline. Temperature data over serial imaging creates a Profile. A Profile can be monitored over a woman’s lifetime, beginning as early her 20’s. This is your unique Breastprint.