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A Must!
If you are looking for someone that is knowledgeable, caring, and approachable then Gaye Walden should be considered. She will take the time to explain and guide you to better breast health. Prevention is the best route. Thank you Gaye for sharing your passion.
Pam Faile, pamfaile@gmail.com

As many of you know, several months ago I had a Thermogram of my breasts completed. You can learn more about this procedure and my friend (Gaye Walden) who does them here:

I had no concerns about the health of my breasts. It was quite by “accident” that I discovered the thermogram technology. I love to eat at Luna’s Living Kitchen in Charlotte and am on their mailing list. Julianna, the owner of Luna’s, sent out an email blast regarding a thermogram seminar she was holding at Luna’s. I am always game for learning more about the human body and how to keep it thriving and I thought the seminar looked interesting. This is how I met Gaye Walden. I believe in God and I believe that God often works in mysterious ways. I can see a Divine hand in all of this.

Not only does Gaye scan the breast tissue, she has also begun scanning the jaw/tooth area of her clients. What my thermogram showed is that I have several “hot spots” in my breasts as well as a major hot spot in my mouth right where I had a root canal performed about 10 years ago. The beauty of thermogram technology is that it can pick up these hot spots — which have the possibility of developing into cancer – several years before an actual tumor can be detected by a mammogram. The idea is to identify these areas of heat in the body way ahead of time and then make lifestyle changes to assist the body in naturally returning to complete and balanced health. The reason Gaye scans the jaw/tooth area is that new research shows that certain dental work — including root canals, mercury fillings and mixed metal crowns – can contribute to the toxicity of the human body that can cause cancer as well as many other inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

****Did you know that in 93 percent of breast cancer cases the women affected have root canals??***

You all know that I am a healthy eater, exerciser, meditator — we have an infrared sauna & we have a water filtration system which filters every drop of water coming into our house. Despite all of these healthy measures, I still have heat in my breasts. There is an underlying cause here and I believe it all starts with what has been done to my teeth.

Gaye referred me to Dr. McMillan, a dentist in Cornelius, NC who specializes in holistic dentistry. It took me 3 months to get into see him — there are not many dentists doing what he does. Brendan has an appointment with him next week. Dr. McMillan will be removing my tooth which has the root canal and will replace it with a bridge. He will also be taking out my mixed metal crowns and the mercury fillings underneath which a dentist put in when I was a young girl. The mixed metal crowns will be replaced with porcelain crowns. Interestingly, all three of my teeth requiring Dr. McMillan’s help are my 6-year molars — teeth that have been with me for a very long time.

I am sharing this with all of you to educate you and to give you knowledge to have power over your own bodies. We are entering a really fascinating time of medicine and uncovering so many ways to heal. I am learning so much and feel that it would be a crime to keep this information to myself. Please share this information with your women friends if you feel called to do so.

Here is a link which speaks in more detail about how root canals are related to cancer:

Thank you for reading and for listening. I hope this helps you or a loved one.

Jill Horgan