Breast Health Resources

Knowledge gives a woman the incentive and encouragement she needs to take charge of her breast health and her overall health.

There is a lot of useful information available now about how to improve overall health. As our culture continues the overemphasis on awareness of breast disease, there is surprisingly little emphasis about how a woman can improve her breast health to prevent disease.

A woman cannot improve her breast health by taking a test.  On the contrary, the gold standard of mammography may increase her risk of breast disease because of the radiation.  She can become proactive by knowing where to start and what to do.

In addition to attending an Open House or one of our informative presentations, you may educate yourself with the variety of available resources – Books, Media, Organizations, and Articles – on improving and maintaining good Breast Health.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health!
The Wise Woman Way

by Susun S. Weed

This invaluable book is for women who want to maintain breast health and for women managing breast disease.  The way the information is presented makes it an ideal book for women who understand the power in taking complete responsibility for their own health and well-being.  Empowerment equals less fear!

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer, How Hormone Balance Can Help Save Your Life

by John R. Lee, MD

Dr. John Lee, an internationally renowned expert in natural hormones, teams up with 2 other breast experts to present what is now considered one of the most effective hormone balance programs to reduce your risk of breast disease and its recurrence.

Iodine, Why You Need It | Why You Can’t Live Without It

by David Brownstein, M.D.

Learn why iodine is so important to health, including breast health.  Find out why iodine deficiency may be the root cause of hypothyroidism which increases a woman’s risk of breast disease.   Discover how to get iodine in your diet and improve your immune system.

Charlotte View Blog Talk Radio – Featured on Charlotte View as the authority in Charlotte on a holistic approach to Breast Health, listen to Gaye Walden and Bruce Rind, M.D., one of the leading holistic medical doctors in the Washington metropolitan area, as they discuss the benefits of Breast Thermography and how to improve breast health by improving lymphatic congestion.

Silent Spring Institute

Silent Spring Institute began in 1994, after members of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition called for a scientifically sound investigation into elevated breast cancer rates on Cape Cod. They founded “a laboratory of their own” and named it Silent Spring Institute in tribute to Rachel Carson, whose landmark book, Silent Spring, launched the modern environmental movement. Carson died of breast cancer just two years after the book was published.

Silent Spring Institute partners with physicians, public health and community advocates and other scientists to identify and break the links between environmental chemicals and women’s health, especially breast cancer.

Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group is the nation’s leading environmental health research and advocacy organization. Our mission is to serve as a watchdog to see that Americans get straight facts, unfiltered and unspun, so they can make healthier choices and enjoy a cleaner environment.

They  publish useful guides for choosing the safest foods and products that promote good health and breast health, including a Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce, a Skin Deep Cosmetic Database with ingredient information and safety ratings for cosmetics and skin care products, and a Dirty Dozen List of Endocrine Disruptors, outlining the top hormone-altering chemicals and how to avoid them.

Are You Dense?

Are You Dense, Inc. is dedicated to informing the public about dense breast tissue and its significance for the early detection of breast cancer.

Our goals are to:

  • EDUCATE THE PUBLIC about dense breast tissue and the early detection of breast cancer by raising awareness through a web site, media, speaking engagements, social media, informational materials, and resources;
  • IMPROVE THE CONDITION of women diagnosed with breast cancer by raising awareness about the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of living with the disease;
  • ADVOCATE CHANGES TO PUBLIC POLICY and breast cancer detection guidelines; and
  • SUPPORT NEW AND EXISTING RESEARCH for the early detection of breast cancer for women with dense breast tissue.
American Academy of Thermology

The American Academy of Thermology is the premiere organization in North America for the scientific development, health care training and clinical application of medical infrared imaging.  Holistic Breast Health follows this organization’s standards of evaluation/interpretation for breast thermal imaging.



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